How many immigrant children does it take to build a great border wall?

Oh, look… it’s even more shit!

Trump was hoping that he could use these poor and helpless migrant children as bargaining chips to put pressure on those in Congress. Why you may ask? So he could, at the very least, obtain an appetiser of sorts for the funding of his mighty and fucking expensive border wall, a pointless wall nonetheless. Now his ploy has failed, I think I’m correct in assuming that he will happily reunite these kids with their families and then deport them in the gentlest and most humane way.

Trump’s pulling out of the UN Human Rights Council obviously was a PR stunt for his base. The thoughts that ran through many Trump voters minds probably sounded like:

 “Fuck you UN Human Rights Council, you elitist pricks”

I’m sure many of them couldn’t care less about the human rights, especially those of other people, even Canadians or Europeans are now their sworn enemy after decades of holding each others ball bags.

The Right, even in the UK, seems to lack a great deal of empathy for other human beings – what happened to the West at least trying to do the right thing? In some situations at the very least.

Liberal democracy is now slowly being killed off, this is fact. I would say mostly due to the constant and steady stream of hate coming from the Right that is corrupting the minds many. A significant portion of those on the Right has simply stopped caring about the anyone but themselves. The Conservatives have lost the fucking plot too. May is a lame duck and Boris is now screaming against the last true principle of their Party – is that business is great and nothing else matters. Boris was quoted as saying:

“Fuck business”

Staying true to Party value’s I see.

Even the occasional devoted Brexiteer on the street may now be spotting the fact that there is no benefit from leaving the EU. Brexit is the single most important issue in the UK for them, everything else has been put aside by the Government, nothing else matters to the Brexiteer’s in the Conservative Party – screw trying to fix the NHS, crisis in social care, the lack of defence or R&D funding. And fuck me, this fucking Brexit dividend, what a load of horse shit. Later saying that there will be a tax increase to pay for this, a tax increase on who, May will definitely increase corporation tax, right guys?

Please send an email if you have a valid argument for the Brexit, Trump’s border wall, why immigration is bad and voting for Trump is good – I’d quite like to hear what you have to say.


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